Finding way back home: The East Troublesome Fire

The burn scar is still visible two years after the fire of 2020, but we gratefully see regeneration, where green seedlings and wildflowers pop up from the sterilized landscapes.

New growth already in Summer 2021 in Rocky Mountain National Park

The East Troublesome fire acted like a blow torch that October day, wiping out nearly 200,000 acres in the community. Principal J. Scott Munn and his family evacuated for 10 days from their greater Grand Lake home. His home survived, but many sadly were left without. The devastation of the fire hit even harder as some who lost their homes began efforts to plan the next phase and discovered that insurance companies were not providing adequate replacement values for their homes.

MA Studios helped by providing free foundation drawings to homeowner fire victims, while doing what he could to help his community rebuild.  It is the same community where he spent every summer of his young life and where he has lived appreciatively in his adult life. It is the community where we choose to raise our family — the community we love, respect and support.

"Simply put, for what we do now matters most."

Horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park the summer after the East Troublesome fire

MA Studios maintains it’s the current of compassion, dedication, community, sustainability and movement that will set the course for the near future and for our next generation. Taking cues from nature, it's our own regeneration.

It is this trajectory Munn takes to his profession every day, in every detail. It is how he leads his firm.

Simply put, for what we do now is what matters most.

The forest can regenerate, and so can we, the community